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Vital Knowledge Program

Our program is all about equipping teachers to tailor content and instruction to the personalized needs of students, and empowering students to become self-directed learners, thereby advancing college readiness.

Student-Teacher Wheel

Vital Knowledge Brochure

  • K-12 Level One: includes a student assessment and profile developed specifically for use in K-12 school settings, with module written for a 5th grade reading comprehension level , enabling application within all secondary-level schools. Recommended controlled implementation scope for first semester (typically one grade level or subject area).

  • K-12 Level Two: offers an advanced toolset, more appropriate for higher-level reading comprehension, with practical application within a limited segment of grade 9 thru 12 student populations.

  • A series of Professional Development Modules are available to support In-Service activities. Inquire for more information regarding customized professional training services.

Vital Knowledge also provides programs for Higher Education and Private Industry Training.


Vital Knowledge Customer Comments

“Now I know you understand me, and I feel like I can come and talk to you.” 8th Grade Student to Teacher

“I just want to say great job in providing the student profile with our student's map scores! That (Vital Knowledge) is the most helpful piece of information I've received since my son started in school... I wish every school would provide it.” 8th Grade Parent note to Principal

“...the Learning Style Profile – was such a powerful experience! Really life changing.” 8th Grade Teacher

“I had at least 15 parents approach me at conferences raving about the Learning Styles Profile...” Middle School Principal

I've learned a lot from my kids that I have in Guided Study. It (Vital Knowledge) has really helped me as a teacher. I don't know if I would have gotten that information in another fashion. 8th Grade Teacher

“Vital Knowledge gives teachers and students an edge.” 6th Grade Teacher

“Overall this program has the potential to create positive educational growth for students, teachers, and administrators”.... “The P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution scored 448 points on the evaluation, ranking it in the excellent range as a program for educational software." P.E.T. the learningstyles solution receives rating in Independant Software evaluation conducted by Acadia University- Applied Learning And Technology. Click here to view their full report

An interview with Dr. Patricia Cranton, co-author of P.E.T: Learning Styles Solution. Learn more about this new learning styles assessment and data management tool for districts, schools and teachers...(Requires QuickTime Plug-in) view interview

Vital Knowledge Teacher Challenge

Designed to support the critical work of highly effective teachers in advancing student college readiness.

Teacher Challenge Registration

Learning Styles Login Page

Teacher Challenge Submission Form

For more information, please email:

The P.E.T. Certified K-12 Facilitator for K-12 course is now being made available to all teachers in Canada and the US.

Keys to Implementation

Flexibility is the key to successful implementation of the P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution program within a school. Each school is finding what works best for them based on the numbers of students in the school and the availability of the computer lab. (Read more...)

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