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Keys to Implementation

Dakota Hills Middle School in Eagan, Minnesota has taken some innovative steps with the implementation of the P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution program. Faced with managing implementation of over 1300 students, the schoolís plan included the use of instruction sheets devised by the school secretary. A mail merge with the studentís name, login and password were printed for each student. (link to student sheet)

The school is divided into houses and each house chose their own house leader for implementing P.E.T. Lab time has been scheduled and the classes are being put through. With the help of the instruction sheet there were no delays or questions during the scheduled lab time.

The secretary even prepared an instruction sheet for the teachers on how to add the studentís names to build each of their classes. The guide was condensed into 14 simple steps and teachers found this convenient for easy reference. (link to teacher sheet)

Principal, Wendy McNamee remarked what an incredible job Debbie Runkle did to help organize the teachers and students. Implementation will continue over the next couple of weeks.


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