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P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution Overview

P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution is an easy to use Web-based teaching and learning style assessment and management tool based on the work of Carl Jung and the research of Dr. Patricia Cranton and Dr. Robert Knoop. The P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution correlates personality preferences with learning styles, teaching styles, conflict resolution, leadership, management, problem solving, stress and teamwork.

This innovative new Learning Styles Solution is one of the most powerful ways for education professionals to assess, manage and understand differences among students and their unique learning styles. With the move toward the individualization of educational programs in order to best meet the diverse needs of today's students, the importance of Learning Styles cannot be overlooked. Parents, teachers, and administrators now realize the level of success students achieve in school is often dependent on teaching that meets the learning styles of students.

Patricia Cranton
Dr. Patricia Cranton

P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution allows teachers and students to more clearly understand themselves through self-guided assessment of teaching and learning styles. By using P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution, teachers can improve their teaching skills and better facilitate their students' learning, making the workload more manageable enriching the teaching and learning experience for teachers and students. This allows teachers to connect with students so they can adjust their teaching style to different student learning styles with greater ease, and empowers the teachers personally in dealing with stress, communication, teamwork, or type development.

Research consistently shows students achieve at a higher level when they learn in a way they prefer to learn. The challenge for the classroom teacher, therefore, is to find a way to identify the learning preferences of every student they teach. When the learning style is understood, they can use practical teaching and learning strategies to accommodate the students various styles within their classrooms.

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Validated By Years of Research
The P.E.T. Learning Styles Solutions program has been validated by over ten years of research and implementation throughout the world.

  • Type Check allows teachers to assess their own personality preferences and access a wide variety of resources for professional development.

  • Student Self Check and the Student Observation Check allows for the assessment of individual student's personality preferences and then offers classroom activities and teaching strategies to meet the needs of these preferences.

Teachers Become More Effective
Teachers today face many challenges in the classroom and have come to wear many "hats" as educational professionals. Not only are they required to meet the demands of classroom teaching, but they are also required to act as peacekeepers, judges, social workers, counselors, disciplinarians, mentors, and more. By gaining an understanding of the unique personalities and learning styles of their students, teachers can become more effective in these roles, help to ensure academic success, enable students to develop awareness of self and others, and empower students to become successful, life long learners.

Teachers are also responsible for maintaining and developing their professional skills and implementing new teaching practices based on educational research. Learning Styles is at the forefront of this research and P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution offers a comprehensive environment to ensure teachers can easily assess, accommodate for, and teach to these various learning styles.

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The P.E.T. Type Check is based directly on Jung's theory of psychological type and has been validated through more than ten years of research and use. Average completion time is about 15 minutes using an easy to use online program. From the responses to the eighty statements, an individual Personality Type Profile is created. The profile portrays preferences for the attitudes of introversion and extraversion and each of the four functions of living - thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuition. Each profile is unique. The use of the profile rather than a label or score allows people to engage in a thorough interpretation of their learning style preferences.

In the P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution approach:

  1. Personal and professional empowerment is fostered by people working together.
  2. Every person has the potential to develop and become empowered.
  3. People cannot be described solely by numbers or labels.
  4. Psychological assessment is not something one person "does to" another person.

School or District Scalable
Whether your district is large or small, the P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution data management system's unique architecture allows for different implementations to meet the needs of any school or district. The P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution Core data management system provides a simple, cost-effective centralized single server implementation where the data management system resides on Vital Knowledge's secure server.

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District Tested with Teachers and Students
P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution is a cooperative project involving Vital Knowledge Software Inc., School District 16 in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada, and Psychological Type Press. P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution and has been successfully tested in School District 16 in Miramichi, NB since the fall of 2001.

Availability and Pricing
P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution is available as a Web-based subscription solution for schools, districts, states and provinces. To find out more about Special Pricing for the P.E.T. Learning Styles Core System and the P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution Enterprise System for schools, districts, states or provinces please e-mail us at Vital Knowledge:

System and Browser Requirements (*) P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution is a Web-based cross-platform solution designed for use on Macintosh and Windows computer platforms. For maximum compatibility and usability P.E.T. Learning Styles Solution requires the use of the latest version of the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser and installed plug-ins:

Windows OS
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 (or newer) for Windows Netscape version 6.1 (or newer) for Windows Installed plug-ins: Macromedia Flash 5 Player (or newer), Apple QuickTime 4.0 Player (or newer), Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (or newer)

Macintosh OS
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.1 (or newer) for Macintosh OS Netscape 6.0 (or newer) for Macintosh OS Installed plug-ins: Macromedia Flash 5 Player (or newer), Apple QuickTime 4.0 Player (or newer), Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (or newer)

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