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Join the growing group of innovative educators and trainers that have demonstrated a professional ethic and comprehensive knowledge of this dynamic instrument.
Certification of proficiency in the use of the P.E.T. Type Check instrument is again available to education and training professionals. With the development of the online environment, the adoption of the PET Instrument in education and training has been remarkable, which requires us to expand our network throughout North America.
P.E.T is a sophisticated tool that becomes even more empowering for yourself and others when it is utilized to its full potential. People are not labelled or stereotyped by the process, yet the patterns of human differences revealed in the profile yield powerful ways of understanding oneself and others. While the online tool develops very useful basic profiles and provides strategies for the educator in a very practical way, the instrument is capable of much more indepth psychological profiles. The certification process leads to such competency.
The P.E.T. Personal Empowerment through Type approach:
  1. Personal and professional empowerment is fostered by people working together.

  2. Every person has the potential to develop and become empowered.

  3. People cannot be described solely by numbers or labels.

  4. Psychological assessment is not something one person "does to" another person.

Upon certification, you will:
  • be able to demonstrate the highest level of competence and skill in the interpretation and use of this sophisticated instrument.

  • add value to your professional standings with evidence of a commitment to learning demonstrated by meeting the requirements of our certification.

  • be qualified to offer your services as a facilitator providing workshops and seminars on a variety of topics both in the education field and in corporate training, using the PET instrument (online and paper-based) and materials developed by the facilitator network.

  • have password access to a special Certified Facilitator area of the PET website where you will find a growing list of workshop/seminar outlines, Powerpoint presentations and materials.

  • have complete access to all areas of the online instrument being used by your institution or corporation.

  • receive a rebate on all books and materials purchased from Psychological Type Press.

  • be given full access to our PET facilitator support team.

  • if interested, receive referrals from us to provide workshops and seminars in your local area (you determine the day rate and geographic area). We will list your contact information on our site as a trained professional capable of providing such services.

P.E.T. Facilitator Certification Course
The P.E.T. Certification Program teaches you how to use and interpret the P.E.T. Type Check in your practice. It consists of seven parts, taking a total of about 36 hours, and is self paced for you to complete at your convenience. You may use any combination of mail, fax, e-mail or the online chat in our support room.
Learn to interpret your own P.E.T. Type Profile in depth. Learn about Jung's psychological type theory and the development of the P.E.T. Type Check. Administer and interpret the P.E.T. Type Check. Learn to interpret comprehensive type profiles and discuss the Type Profiles with others. Plan a class, workshop, or seminar using psychological type.
The Distance P.E.T. Certification Program has seven parts, the first six will be conducted using paper-based materials provided to you:
  • Completion and interpretation of your own P.E.T. Type Profile, including an activity in which you relate your personal likes and dislikes to your profile

  • Two readings, one a synopsis of Jung's psychological type theory and one a description of the development of the P.E.T. Type Check, including a set of questions for reflection

  • Interpretation of a given set of Type Profiles

  • Administering and interpreting the P.E.T. Type Check for three individuals (your colleagues, friends, or family members)

  • Discussion of the Type Profiles with the three individuals and the preparation of a personal development plan for each person

  • Planning a workshop, seminar, or discussion group, relating psychological type to another area of your choice (for example, communication, teaching style, conflict resolution).

  • Introduction to the online PET environment and assessment/strategies tool.

All materials are provided. You will receive clear guidelines for the completion of each part. We work with you individually, providing detailed comments, suggestions, and feedback on each part as you complete it. On completion of this course, you receive a certificate from the Institute of Personal and Professional Empowerment.
Program Director: Patricia Cranton, Ph.D., has 25+ years of experience as an adult educator. Patricia Cranton received her B.Ed. degree (1971) and M.Sc. degree (1973) from the University of Calgary, and her Ph.D. degree (1976) from the University of Toronto. Patricia's primary research interests have been the evaluation of teaching in higher education, instructional development, and transformative learning. She was selected as an Ontario Distinguished Scholar in 1991 in recognition of her research and writing on teaching and learning in higher education. She received the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Association's Teaching Award in 1993 and the Lieutenant Governor's Laureate Award in 1994 for an outstanding contribution to university teaching. In addition to her numerous articles and conference presentations, Patricia Cranton’s books include Planning Instruction for Adult Learners (1989) with a second edition in 2000, Working with Adult Learners (1992) also translated into Japanese in 1999, Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning (1994) also translated into Chinese in 1995, Professional Development as Transformative Learning (1996) nominated for the Cyril O. Houle award, No One Way: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (1998), and Personal Empowerment through Type (1998). Her latest book, Becoming an Authentic Teacher, was published in 2002.
For further information on how you can become certified, please call Mike Cormier at 303.800.6190 or contact by email to
All previously certified practitioners should contact Mike Cormier for inclusion in this exciting new development.

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