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Teachers' Tech Tutor Overview

It's easy for educators to become overwhelmed by computing technology and the vast amount of information available on the Internet. To overcome the barriers to technology proficiency, teachers need access to a self-paced easy-to-use professional development resource to gain basic technology skills. Teachers' Tech Tutor is the complete "Technology Training Solution" package designed for the computer novice teacher to meet technology proficiency standards, and the needs of schools, districts, provinces and states.

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A Practical Solution

Media Rich Features
It combines the best features of multimedia rich interactive CD-ROM with the immediacy of the Internet to support the novice computer user through all stages of learning. It also provides an excellent workshop resource for the technology coordinator or mentors in their roles as a trainer. As a comprehensive computing technology training program, the three component series aligns with the ISTE: International Society for Technology in Education's "Recommended Foundations in Technology for All Educators."

Designed by teachers for teachers - to empower educators with the tools of technology. The 2 CD Series Set includes useful information in teachers' context, interactive exercises, video testimonials, glossary, tests, classroom applications, and links to Internet resources on the Tech Tutor web site and others on the Web.

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2 CD Series Set Includes:
Teacher and Student versions of the following:

  • Technology in the Classroom - provides important information on how to use and successfully integrate practical technology applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, paint graphics programs, multimedia software tools and presentation software. The teacher becomes familiar with computer operating system interfaces, tool bars, cutting and pasting of information, copying of files, file management, and more complex tasks such as compression, audio recording and HTML. Also includes The World of the Internet - an educator's access guide takes the mystery of accessing the Internet and introduces the novice user to E-mail, web browsers, search engines, conferencing and the bountiful resources of the World Wide Web.

  • Facilitating Learning with Technology (for Teachers only) - guides the teacher through topics such as learner theories, learning and teaching strategies, professional development using online Web resources, facilitating in asynchronous environments, opportunities in collaborative authentication in testing and management of information to track student progress.

The Classroom Survival Guide in print format includes 250+ page manual and accompanies the CD series set to provide Job Aids, Lesson Plans using technology, and Activities recommended and developed by teachers and students throughout North America.

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  • Teachers Corner - is the third component of the series and provides an Online Learning Environment for Teachers.

This learning resource portion of our web site contains:

  • A monthly newsletter - online newsletter containing topics of interest for educators.
  • An online discussion group - where educators can exchange ideas.
  • A real time chat room - this is a place for educators to discuss and share ways that technology can support education. Read what other educators have to say about educational topics and add your own statement on the topic.
  • A detailed resources section - containing special detailed resources for teachers.
  • Tutorials - to extend the educator's knowledge of computer applications.
  • Extensive testing - for teacher self evaluation to further the educational experience. Includes features that allow schools and districts to monitor testing results.

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Educator Benefits
Research and work with teachers throughout North America has helped to refine this series to better understand the needs, concerns and objectives of professionals involved with integrating technology into the classroom. Teachers' Tech Tutor provides a solid foundation allowing educators to communicate in a common voice and helps teachers to meet their technology learning goals.


  • 2 CD Series Set includes Teacher and Student versions.
  • Aligns with the International Society for Technology in Education - aligns with the recommended foundations in technology standards, so it can be customized to meet unique requirements for each state or province.
  • User friendly - an easy to use tool that allows non-technical teachers to overcome the intimidation of computing technology.
  • Practical approach and an economical solution - allows teachers to learn at their own pace in their chosen learning environment. Fits every budget in small and large school systems.
  • Adaptable - an easy to use tool that allows non-technical teachers to overcome the intimidation of computing technology.
  • Teacher support - uses technology to teach technology, clearly illustrating the potential of learning technologies to teachers.
  • Reduces the technological gap - between teachers and students.
  • Update teaching methods - improve your district's teachers technological rating during federal government evaluations.
  • Eases the burden for teachers - empower teachers with new tools and information sources for classroom learning.
  • Accelerates - the rate of introduction of new equipment and software within the school system by providing basic training to teachers on how to make effective use of these tools.
  • Encourages teachers - to become more autonomous in technology and to collaborate with other teachers within their school and through the Internet and news groups.


Awards And Testimonials

Best Educational Product

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"Finally a practical solution to motivating and training our teachers that works... it motivates and provides the supportive learning environment required by today's busy educators." - James Breau, Technology Teacher

"Best Bet for Educators" - USA Today Education. The technology training solution that Dr. Joyce Winterton of USAToday Education calls "An Educator's Best Bet".

Best Bet for Educators

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Availability and Pricing
Teachers' Tech Tutor is available direct from Vital Knowledge Software Inc. and is priced at $895.00 USD per school, making it affordable to address the needs of every educator, school or district. Teachers' Tech Tutor includes the following:

  • One (1) Network Version - for installation on one school network - unrestricted use.
  • Five (5) Sets of Teacher's Tech Tutor CDs - for home, classroom or library use.
  • One (1) Classroom Survival Guide - with reproduction rights to print an additional 24 Classroom Survival Guides. Available as an Adobe PDF file for easy printing.
  • Ten (10) Passwords plus One Administrator Password - for online access, testing and technical support.
  • Optional Package Extras - $25.00 per additional password, $75.00 per additional CD set, and $100.00 per additional Classroom Survival Guide.

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System Requirements
Teachers' Tech Tutor is a cross platform solution for Windows and Macintosh computer platforms.

Windows OS

  • Intel® Pentium® or faster processor (166 MHz or faster recommended)
  • Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, or Windows XP
  • 16 MB of RAM installed (32 MB or more recommended)
  • 15 MB of available hard-disk space

Macintosh OS

  • PowerPC® processor or equivelent (G3 or G4 required for Mac OS X version 10.1)
  • Mac OS software version 7.5 or greater (Mac OS version 9.1, 9.2, 10.1, or Mac OS X Classic is recommended for best results)
  • 32 MB of RAM installed (64 MB recommended)
  • 20 MB of available hard-disk space

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